Who doesn’t like a woman who knows what she likes?

I prefer dates that unfold naturally.

Dates in the 3+ hour range must include an activity: drinks or dinner, an outing room service.

My gift should be made available at the beginning of our meeting. Cash and Crypto are currently accepted. If paying with Crypto the funds must be received by the time I arrive. If we are meeting in public, cash can be placed in an unsealed envelope or a gift bag. In your home or hotel room it can be placed someplace visible like the coffee table or the bathroom counter.

If you’d like to extend the date past the arranged time, just ask me! I will be delighted to keep a good connection going as long as I don’t have prior plans. Extended dates must be compensated at the time the request is made.

About you: I keep company with men of only the highest caliber of character, generosity, and respect. I will be beautiful and well-groomed every time we meet, and I’ll expect the same from you.

Money is exchanged for time and companionship only.